If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty
desk a sign ? ? (Just asking…. Here's Your Sign….) Albert Einstein
Traverse this day like any other: one step at a time. Peace.

Some Mistakes Are Too Much Fun To Make Only Once.
I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I just wanted paychecks.

It's Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter That Tells What Kind
of Life You Have Lived.
Love What You Do: Do What You Love.

The New York Stock Exchange had its origins as a group of brokers met under
a tree on Wall Street. The date: May 17, 1792.

People who are happiest and most successful have one key thing in common:
If they take an emotional hit, they don't ball up in the fetal position and give up. Amanda Woerner
Closing a Credit Card Acount:
Did You Know ? 78% of Americans mistakenly think that closing a credit card
account harms their credit score ? NOT TRUE ! If it is paid off, it actually ex-
-pands your credit line. (Now You Know.) Better Homes & Gardens 3-2017
Credit Reports:
Do Not place security freezes on your credit reports UNTIL AFTER you sign up
for credit monitoring, says Identity Theft expert Steven J. Weisman, Esq. In the
wake of a major data breach at Equifax, in which the financial and personal info
of nearly 150 Million Americans was stolen, many consumers have decided to
initiate freezes on their credit bureau accounts at the three major bureaus and sign
up for free credit monitoring offered by Equifax.
But the order in which you initiate freezes and monitoring is important. Because
not only do freezes prevent thieves from opening credit accounts in your name…
freezes also prevent credit-monitoring services from monitoring your credit---
unless you sign up for monitoring before the freezes.
If you have already initiated freezes on your credit bureau accounts, you will have
to un-freeze them (lift the freezes temporarily) in order to initiate credit monitoring
--and then re-freeze them. A freeze or re-freeze typically costs $3-$10 for each of
the big three bureaus-Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, although Experian has
suspended its fee. (The blundering idiots should do a lot more than that !)
BottomLinePersonal 11-1-2017 byline: Steven J. Weisman, attorney in Amherst,
Mass. Author of Identity Theft Alert and founder of the scam-info website .
Making a Career Change ?
Changing careers, whether you are 25 or 65, is rarely easy, but it doesn't have to
be difficult once you understand the process involved. Answering these ques-
-tions in a real and honest way: What are my skills, what type of career suits my
personality and what skills can I transfer from my previous work experience?
It is risky changing careers, but you can minimize the risk by taking time to plan
and conduct research.
According to Princeton Creative Research, Eugene Raudsepp identified eight crucial traits that determine how successful you will be at changing careers. Use
these traits as a checklist along with self-insight to determine if you are ready to
change careers:
Self-confidence-The feeling you can cope with problems and overcome obstacles
and barriers.
Personal esteem-The belief you have about yourself directly influences your
actions and determines the outcome of your plans.
Persistence and Perseverance- The staying power needed to face failure is critical. This trait is more important than talent or a special skill.
Enthusiasm-An enthusiastic attitude often sees the possibilities in opportunities
in a much greater way.
Good Luck-- Being lucky is often being ready to seize opportunities, with the will-
-ingness to take advantage of situation.
Your Response to Failure-Seeing problems as temporary setbacks that must be
overcome will help you increase the odds that failure won't prevent you from
succeeding. You see failure as a chance to learn from the experience.
Flexibility: A mindset of welcoming change will help you stand out from those
who often seek the status quo of staying safe instead of looking for the rewards of
change. It is never too late to look at other types of jobs, as you may take a
temporary cut in pay, but the joy of being in a career that makes use of your best
skills and strongest interests is priceless. (Go For IT !)
Houston Chronicle 10-19-2017 byline: Kimberly Thompson
Between Jobs Ministry:
The Spring-based Northwest Bible Church created Between Jobs Ministry 23 years ago; a small group that helped the church's unemployed members transition back into the workforce. Today, the group has grown to include job seekers who are not formal members of the congregation, including many residents of Spring and Klein, NWBC pastor Roy Farmer said.
The organization has help place more than 13,000 people in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, retail and manufacturing. The Christian-based
group provides free job-hunting assistance for the nearly 400 job seekers who attend the ministry's five-hour seminar every Wednesday. The weekly session covers topics such as networking, financial planning and tips on dressing for work. 'We teach God first, your family second and work third,' said pastor Roy Farmer . 'We teach them how to be helpers.'
Northwest Bible Church, 281-376-1110, 5503 Fellowship Ln. Spring, TX.77379. Community Impact Newspaper 12-2015
Job Search Program : John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5830 Bermuda
Dunes, Houston. Near Champions. Joel Bates: 281-444-5757, Bob Gillespie:
281-537-2606. Church office: 281-444-2112. Program is 7 weeks. No Charge.
AARP Foundation Services: WorkSearch Initiative, AARP Benefits Outreach Program, this and more are available to you and me. 1-888-our--aarp or visit: to learn more.
AARP's New Work & Jobs Website: .
Free: Senior Living and Care Guide for Houston area. 1-800-820-3013.
Retirement & Assisted Living Communities, products and services. Map.

Taking Care of Business: Coming …. and Going……..

Dynegy Being Sold: Vistra Paying $1.7 Billion.
Dynegy could cut scores of Houston jobs next year when it shutters it downtown
headquarters as part of its sale to the largest Texas power generator, Vistra Energy.
Currently, there are 370 people working at Dynegy's headquarters at 601 Travis.
Vistra Energy will keep its headquarters in Irving, where it is the successor com-
-pany to Energy Future Holdings, which declared bankruptcy in 2014; and the Vistra owns TXU Energy, a retail electricity company in Irvin and Luminant, a
merchant power generator.
Vistra recently said it would shut down three Texas coal-fired power plants and lay
off more than 800 workers, citing the unfavorable economics of operating coal plants. Vistra and Dynegy, worth a combined $10 Billion on the stock market,
could produce 40,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 8 Million homes
on a hot Texas day.
The deal must be approved by shareholders of both companies, as well as federal
and state regulators, including the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
Houston Chronicle 10-31-2017 byline: Collin Eaton//Jordan Blum contributed.
Adding Jobs:
J.C. Penney is hiring for the holidays. The Plano-based retailer plans to add 900
seasonal associates throughout the Houston area. Various positions include
cashier, replenishment specialist and Sephora inside store beauty consultant.
National Hiring Day is set to fill nearly 40,000 seasonal positions across 875 stores. Applicants are encouraged to apply online at: or at
kiosks inside the stores.
Coach Goes Expansive: Tapestry is New Name.
Coach, which is famous for its leather goods but has become the holding company
of an increasingly ambitious fashion group, the name of the game is now Tapestry.
The accessible-luxury group that owns Coach, Stuart Weitzman, and Kate Spade
announced its intentions to change the name of its parent to Tapestry, the better to
express its new shape as a multi-brand entity with a variety of unique properties.
Tapestry will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TPR.
Houston Chronicle//New York Times 10-12-2017 byline: Vanessa Friedman
Largest Lease Sale Ever:
The Trump administration said it will sell leases for some 77 Million acres in the
Gulf of Mexico for O&G drilling n the largest U.S. offshore lease sale ever. Ryan
Zenke, Interior Secretary, said the sale would open an area the size of New Mexico
for drilling, including all unleased areas on the Gulf's outer continental shelf.
The Gulf's outer continental shelf is estimated to hold recoverable reserves of more than 48 Billion Barrels of oil and 141 Trillion cubic feet of gas. (Woo-Hoo!)
Zenke said the leasing program would create jobs and spur economic growth.
Many Gulf coast lawmakers and political leaders praised the new lease sale and
the potential economic benefits. Enviromentalists sharply criticized the move,
noting a recent spill from an offshore rig that dumped some 16,000 barrels of oil
into the Gulf.
Houston Chronicle 10-25-2017
Sears-Whirlpool Partnership Tanked:
Shoppers will no longer be able to buy Whirlpool, KitchenAid or Maytag appli-
-ances at Sears, following a pricing dispute that has ended a 101-year relationship
between the department store chain and the country's Largest Appliance maker.
The dispute highlights escalating tensions between manufacturers and retailers
over exactly how much items should cost. Retailers have grown accustomed to
offering steep discounts to win over consumers. Manufacturers, meanwhile, say
they are struggling to keep up with growing expenses and stiffening competition,
often from overseas.
Harikesh S. Nair, a marketing professor at Stanford U. Graduate School of Busi-
-ness, said tussles over price between retailers and manufacturers are common,
particularly when the retailer can still offer its own house brand. Sears already
has a large private-label appliance brand, so it helps to say: We can always stock
our own brand. Houston Chronicle//Washington Post 10-25-2017 byline:
Abha Bhattarai and Aaron Gregg
Area Companies Make Aggie 100 List:
Houston-area companies were among the fastest-growing businesses owned by
Texas A&M alumni. To be considered, companies must have been in business a set number of years and operate in a manner consistent with the Aggie Code of
Honor: 'Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do'- in addition
to meeting certain revenue levels.
Topping the Aggie 100
list by industry were 28 construction companies. It also
includes eight software, six health and four oil & gas companies. The fastest
growing company overall was Lonquist Field Service of Calgary, Canada. Six
U.S. states and three countries were represented. Houston has by far the most
Aggie 100 companies this year. Austin has 16 and the home turd of Bryan-
College Station has 10.
Houston Chronicle 10-28-2017 byline: Katherine Feser