If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty
desk a sign ? ? (Just asking…. Here's Your Sign….) Albert Einstein
Traverse this day like any other: one step at a time. Peace.

Some Mistakes Are Too Much Fun To Make Only Once.
I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I just wanted paychecks.

It's Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter That Tells What Kind
of Life You Have Lived.
Love What You Do: Do What You Love.

The New York Stock Exchange had its origins as a group of brokers met under
a tree on Wall Street. The date: May 17, 1792.

People who are happiest and most successful have one key thing in common:
If they take an emotional hit, they don't ball up in the fetal position and give up. Amanda Woerner
Closing a Credit Card Acount:
Did You Know ? 78% of Americans mistakenly think that closing a credit card
account harms their credit score ? NOT TRUE ! If it is paid off, it actually ex-
-pands your credit line. (Now You Know.) Better Homes & Gardens 3-2017
Credit Reports:
Do Not place security freezes on your credit reports UNTIL AFTER you sign up
for credit monitoring, says Identity Theft expert Steven J. Weisman, Esq. In the
wake of a major data breach at Equifax, in which the financial and personal info
of nearly 150 Million Americans was stolen, many consumers have decided to
initiate freezes on their credit bureau accounts at the three major bureaus and sign
up for free credit monitoring offered by Equifax.
But the order in which you initiate freezes and monitoring is important. Because
not only do freezes prevent thieves from opening credit accounts in your name…
freezes also prevent credit-monitoring services from monitoring your credit---
unless you sign up for monitoring before the freezes.
If you have already initiated freezes on your credit bureau accounts, you will have
to un-freeze them (lift the freezes temporarily) in order to initiate credit monitoring
--and then re-freeze them. A freeze or re-freeze typically costs $3-$10 for each of
the big three bureaus-Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, although Experian has
suspended its fee. (The blundering idiots should do a lot more than that !)
BottomLinePersonal 11-1-2017 byline: Steven J. Weisman, attorney in Amherst,
Mass. Author of Identity Theft Alert and founder of the scam-info website .
Social Networking Sites:
Think twice about the info you place on these sites. Companies are savvier about
getting the lowdown on candidates today than they were in the past. Social net-
-working sites make employers' and staffing companies' jobs a lot easier because
they provide a bird's eye view of candidates' personalities and character.
Do not underestimate the power of a networking presence. You know it's serious
when it becomes a bona fide book-publishing niche. More than two dozen books
are listed on Amazon's website ranging from Social Networking Spaces: From
Facebook to Twitter and Everything in Between
, and 33 Million People in the
Room: How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social
to Social Media Strategies for Small Business and Social Media
Marketing for Dummies.
And that's only a sample of the number of books out
E-book and specialty publishers also have jumped on the bandwagon. Boutique
niche players to international giants are reaping profits from turning out new career
books every year. It's not about guts and foresight, it's just smart business. Like
old-fashioned networking, it takes work, strategy and thought.
Miriam Salpeter, author of Social Networking for Career Success, offers the fol-
-lowing tips: Present a consistent, professional profile in your social networking
bios. Use job descriptions, company and industry websites, and blogs and info from professional conference materials to identify your field's keywords. Include
them in your online bios.
Find other people blogging in your field: .
Make it a habit to leave useful comments on their blogs. Make it a point to link to
colleagues: share their posts via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Houston Chronicle 10-29-2017 byline: Bob Weinstein
High-Potential Careers:
CarerCast projections are based upon data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
and statistics from the Georgetown U. Center on Education. It's safe to say that it's
almost impossible to find a health care job that doesn't boast a secure long-term outlook. That sector is not the only niche in need of qualified applicants.
Here are a few jobs that made CareerCast's Job Report:
Data scientist: Data science involves processes and systems to extract knowledge
or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. Not to be
confused with a data developer. One of the major perks of working as a data
scientist is its salary; due to a shortage, it boasts a median base salary of approx.
$116,000 (recently named Best Job in America).
Information security analyst: Also a tech job that places of higher learning are only
now starting to treat as a special and focused field of study. It pays a median annual salary of more than $90,000.
Truck driver: this high-demand job with plenty of job openings. Transportation
and truck driving was hit really hard during the recession and a fair number of
people who worked in that line of work moved into something else.
Other high-demand professions based on their growth outlook include software
research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components,
such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers.
Typically they work in labs. Median annual wage for computer hardware engineers was $115,000 in 2016.
Medical services manager; (health care administrators-plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services). Median annual wage last year was approx. $96,000.
Houston Chronicle 11-12-2917 byline: Bob Weinstein
Job Interview Questions:
An Associated Press-CNBC poll found that half of all Americans who have ever
applied for a job have been asked questions that could be used to discriminate against a protected class under equal opportunity law. Among those who have ever
interviewed for a job, 35% of the people polled had been asked about their age,
and the same percentage had been asked about their marital status.
Twenty-one % had been asked about their medical history or whether they have a
disability, 11% said they had been asked whether they or their partner is pregnant
or if they have plans to have children, and 9% were asked about their religious be-
It is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their race, color, religion,
national origin, disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to discriminate
against anyone because of their age-40 and older-and sex, which includes
gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy.
While experts say larger employers have instituted more training and made an effort to be aware of these issues, the problems persist on the whole. Applicants
should be aware of their rights; experts suggest they gently point out that it's not
appropriate question to answer or steer the conversation back to job-related topics.
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 11-6-2017 byline: Sarah Skidmore Sell
Between Jobs Ministry:
The Spring-based Northwest Bible Church created Between Jobs Ministry 23 years ago; a small group that helped the church's unemployed members transition back into the workforce. Today, the group has grown to include job seekers who are not formal members of the congregation, including many residents of Spring and Klein, NWBC pastor Roy Farmer said.
The organization has help place more than 13,000 people in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, retail and manufacturing. The Christian-based
group provides free job-hunting assistance for the nearly 400 job seekers who attend the ministry's five-hour seminar every Wednesday. The weekly session covers topics such as networking, financial planning and tips on dressing for work. 'We teach God first, your family second and work third,' said pastor Roy Farmer . 'We teach them how to be helpers.'
Northwest Bible Church, 281-376-1110, 5503 Fellowship Ln. Spring, TX.77379. Community Impact Newspaper 12-2015
Job Search Program : John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5830 Bermuda
Dunes, Houston. Near Champions. Joel Bates: 281-444-5757, Bob Gillespie:
281-537-2606. Church office: 281-444-2112. Program is 7 weeks. No Charge.
AARP Foundation Services: WorkSearch Initiative, AARP Benefits Outreach Program, this and more are available to you and me. 1-888-our--aarp or visit: to learn more.
AARP's New Work & Jobs Website: .
Free: Senior Living and Care Guide for Houston area. 1-800-820-3013.
Retirement & Assisted Living Communities, products and services. Map.

Taking Care of Business: Coming …. and Going……..

FedEx Growth:
Earlier this year Fed-Ex opened its largest distribution center in Texas, just in time
for the busy holiday season. The Memphis,Tenn.-based logistics company held a
ribbon-cutting ceremony two weeks ago for the facility, which has the footprint
of five Astrodomes and sits on a nearly 500-acre parcel off the Grand Parkway
north of FM 529 in Cypress. Some 200 tractor-trailers pull up to the 800,000
sq. ft. facility every day, dropping off hundreds of thousands of packages that
range from small envelopes to sofas, kayaks and trampolines.
The boxes zip through the cavernous steel forest on 8 miles of conveyor belts-
running at 250 ft. per minute-through sorting machines until they are all routed
to delivery trucks at the other end. The process takes an average of 19 minutes.
A single manager watches the 500-person operation through more than 80 sur-
-veillance cameras, sending maintenance crews to fix jams and broken machines.
If there is no hiccup, the facility can process 22,500 packages an hour. From here
packages are shipped across the continental U.S. It takes only a day to deliver to
most of Texas and about four days to get to the northernmost tip of Maine or Wash-
On a typical day, FedEx processes about 8 Million packages a day. On a peak day, like the day after Cyber Monday, package volume could top 24 Million per day. Brady Bates, senior manager of the new center in Cypress, began his career 18 years ago as s package handler in a facility a quarter of the size of the one he now oversees in Cypress.
FedEx is hiring 700 seasonal workers to staff its distribution centers in the Houston area. Wages start at $12.85 an hour. The new Houston hub will run six days a week during the peak season, as opposed to the usual five. FedEx also plans to build its ninth Houston-area distributing center in Conroe.
The 78,455-sq.ft. facility will be constructed on 45.5 aces in the Conroe Park North industrial park at a cost of nearly $40 Million. The new center will create 96 full-time jobs and 35 part-time jobs.
Houston Chronicle 10-30-2017 byline: Paul Takahashi
Worst Toys List 2017:
World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH, unveiled the TOP TEN list at a
Boston children's hospital. The nonprofit organization has been releasing the lists for more than four decades. WATCH claims fidget spinners contain small parts that can be a choking hazard. Mattel's Wonder Woman sword has the potential to
cause blunt-force injuries and Marvel's Spider-Man drone has multiple rotating
blades that can lead to eye and other bodily injuries.
The Toy Association, a trade group dismissed the list as 'needlessly frightening' to
parents because all toys sold in the U.S. meet rigorous safety standards. It also criticized the organization for not testing the toys it focuses on.
WATCH President Joan Siff stressed the toys named each year have common hazards that the group sees year after year. She pointed to the Pull Along Pony by
Tolo Toys that is marketed for children over age 1 but has a 19-inch cord. We don't need a testing lab to know that is a strangulation and entanglement hazard.
Hallmark's Disney-themed 'Itty Bittys' plush stacking toy for babies was recalled
over the summer due to fabric pieces that posed a choking hazard.
Razor's Heel Wheels are strapped onto children's shoes to turn them into impro-
-vised roller skates but pose a burn risk because they include 'real sparking action'. Slackline is a tightrope-like device by Brand 44 meant to be anchored between two trees that WATCH says can lead to severe injury and death.
(And so it goes……..)
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 11-15-2017