Remember this: If Mama Ain't Happy….Ain't Nobody Happy.

Women sometimes make fools of men, but most guys are the do-it-yourself type.
Bill Kerley, Houston, Tx.

Dear Algebra: Please stop asking us to find your X. She is never coming back,
and don't ask Y. Okay ?

Never Argue With a Woman Who Can Read, It's Likely She Can Also Think……
If You Obey All the Rules, You Miss All the Fun. Katharine Hepburn

We Never Really Grow Up, We Only Learn How to Act in Public.

The first thing I do every morning when I get up is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue. Dorothy Parker
When mankind was created, a delete button should have been installed at
the end of our tongues. Dear Abby.
The tongue is the only muscle in the body that is attached at only one end !

Today is The Present. Celebrate ! Be Daring, Refined, Do Well.

Ashes to Ashes…Dust to Dust...Life is too short…So Party We Must!
Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says-Oh Crap, She's Up.
If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
(And if you're scared, don't show it, and you may get out before the
devil even knows you're there)…

You're Never Too Old To Learn Something Stupid. Duh!
Never Miss a Good Chance to Shut Up ! Will Rogers

It is better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.
Diane Grant
Being a woman is not the same as being a lady. Christianne Mays
Always love a woman for her personality-we have 10-so you can choose.

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the
street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.

Dancing will put a twinkle in your wrinkle ! Texas Polka News J

Nagging ? Of Course Not, it's called a 'motivational' speech.
Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

When all is said and done, more is said than done. Lou Holtz, Coach.
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that
survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin

People often say motivation doesn't last. Neither does bathing-that's why
we recommend it daily. Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker 1926-2012

Is it true that you never really learn to swear until you learn to drive ?
Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken. Charles Schulz
Blocking calls
on our phones: means we never have to talk to a weird ex.

Heard: 'These days crabbin' and fishin' and holdin' on to a pot to piss in, is just
about the best a man can do
. James McMurtry, 54, singer/songwriter. 12-2015

We Do Not Inherit the Earth From Our Ancestors,
We Borrow It From Our Children . American Proverb

I Pray Every Night, and I Don't Ask for Much. I Just Say 'Thank You.'
Prince American musician. 1958-2016

In the immortal words of Lily von Shtupp: 'It's twue !'
Looking in the mirror, one chicken said to the other: 'Oh, Gladys, it's twue !
Chickens Don't Have Lips !' So much for having lipstick. …

Did You Know ? STRESSED Spelled Backward = DESSERTS Yay !

What Type of Monster Loves Dance Music ? The Boogie Man.

Say What You Will About the South: But No One Retires & Moves Up North .
We Luv Our Sunny South !

To Me, Old Age is Always 15 Years Older Than I Am. Francis Bacon
LOVE That Man !

Heard: 'I thought I would last longer than a carton of milk.' Said by:
Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director, in his first
interview since he was fired after 10 days in the position. Time Mag. 8-2017

There is a Monster beneath the streets of London, menacing the East End under-
-world ! What has been named the Whitechapel Fatberg is a rock-sold agglo-
-meration of fat, disposable wipes, diapers, condoms and tampons. (EeeYuucck)
It was discovered to the east of the city's financial district, occupying a sixth of
a mile of sewer under Whitechapel Road, between one of London's largest
mosques and a pub called the Bling Beggar, where walking tours are taken to re-
-minisce about a notorious gangland murder.
The utility said the fatberg weighed as much as 11 of the city's double-decker
buses-more than 140 tons ! That was ten times the size of a similar mass that the
company found beneath Kingston, in South London, in 2013 and declared the big-
-gist example in British history. To prevent the contents of the sewer from flooding
streets and homes nearby, the utility is sending an eight-member team to break up
the fatberg with high-powered jet hoses and hand tools. The task is expected to take them three weeks. (With Hazardous Pay, I presume ?)
It is a total monster, basically like trying to break up concrete. Disposable diapers
and wipes can mate with oil and grease to create fatbergs big enough to block tun-
-nels that are 6 feet tall. Such blockages are not unique to London. New York City
has spent $$$Millions on problems created by disposable wipes. Hawaii, Alaska,
Wisconsin and California have struggled with similar problems.
The sewer under Whitechapel Road, where Thames Water engineers found the fat-
-berg during a routine check, is about 4 feet high and less than 3 feet wide. There
is a chance that a slice of the fatberg will be preserved for posterity. The Museum
of London said that it hope to acquire a piece of the blob for its collection.
(Geez, Louise, enough of this sewer talk ! Let's talk about Girls & Beauty !)
Houston Chronicle//New York Times 9-14-2017
Fashion Models Tooo Thin ?
Two of the world's largest luxury goods conglomerates announced a joint charter
which they said aims to protect the health of fashion models by making those who
are unhealthily thin ineligible to work. The pact adopted by French corporations
LVMH and Kering incorporates-and goes beyond-a new French law that re-
-quires all models to provide medical certificates proving they are healthy before
they can work.
While the French law set to take effect Oct. 1 requires both male and female models to present a health certificate obtained within the previous two years,
LVMH and Kering said their charter would shorten the time frame to six months.
The pact also bans the conglomerates' labels from using female models below
a French women's size 34, which is typically equivalent to a U.S. size 0-2.
The two groups said they hoped to set a new global standard for the fashion
industry. The two giants' fashion houses include: Dior, Kenzo, Stella Mc-
Cartney, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, March Jacobs and others.
(You CAN be Too Thin and Too Rich ? But you can't be a Zero. Uh Huh.)
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 9-7-2017
Newest Pricey Gift To Yourself ?
Apple is expected to sell its fanciest iPhone yet for $1,000, crossing into a new
financial frontier that will test how much consumers are willing to pay for a device
that has become an indispensable part of modern life. (The iPhone 10 is here !)
In addition to several new features, a souped-up anniversary iPhone-coming a
decade after Apple's late founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first version-could also
debut at an attention-getting $999 price tag, twice what the original iPhone cost.
Apple isn't the only company driving up smartphone prices. Market leader Sam-
-sung Electronics just rolled out its Galaxy Note 8 with a starting price of $930.
People now value their phones more than Any Other Device-and in some cases-
even more than Food and Sex, said technology analyst Patrick Moorhead.
(It takes a man to admit that.)
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 9-12-2017 byline: Michael Liedtke
Ode to Antone's Po'boy Sandwich:
Antone's is celebrating its 55th anny, commemorating its 1962 founding, selling its
iconic Houston sandwich-the Original Po'Boy sandwich for just 55 cents. One of
the city's most affordable sandwiches sold for about a buck in the mid-60s now has
risen to $5.95 over the decades.
Playing off the archetypes of the New Orleans po'boy and the East Coast Italian-
-American sub the sandwich's slather of mayo and sweet-tart chow-chow added a
distinctly Southern note, suited to a tea party under the magnolia trees. The custom rolls-then as now made by Houston's Royal Bakery-were soft and
slightly chewy, with none of the crusty, shatter snap crucial to a New Orleans
po'boy. The brisk oil-and-vinegar dressing that sets off a classic East Coast
sub, the mayo used by Antone's imparted a certain buttery softness that was
echoed by the interior bundle of mild, soft meats and cheese. Only a scatter of
dill pickle slices broke the dominant impression of gentleness with their sharp
Here's a tip: Don't rip off the wrapper in the car when you pluck the supremely
portable po'boy from its home in Antone's refrigerator case. Take it home; wait
for an hour, then bite ! You will have arrived at Peak Antone's Original !
Houston Chronicle 9-13-2017 byline: Alison Cook
Equifax Breach:
Equifax has been scrambling to explain itself since disclosing that it exposed vital
data about 143 Million Americans. It has come under fire from Congress, state at-
-torneys general and people who are getting conflicting answers about whether
their data was stolen. If so, all of it could be used for identity theft.
People trying to find out if they were affected have gotten some confusing or con-
-tradictory information. Considering the size of the breach, it's probably better
just to assume you were part of it. Ultimately, the onus will be on customers to try
to protect themselves.
Closely monitor your own credit reports, which are available free once a year.
Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are storehouses of some of the most personal
and sensitive information of Americans' lives and all of it could be used for identity theft. Stagger them to see one every four months.
Stay Vigilant, possibly for a Long Time. Scammers who get the data could use it
at any time.
Consider freezing your credit reports
. That stops thieves from opening new cards
or loans in your name; but it also prevents you from opening new accounts. So, if
you want to apply for something, you need to lift the freeze a few days beforehand.
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 9-12-2017 byline: Ken Sweet
Questions: About Our Humanity.
What/who do you say I am? Two divergent views on artificial intelligence (AI)
reflect the existential questions humans face about their uniqueness in the universe.
Today, robots are quickly populating our cultural landscape. Engineers are build-
-ing robots that can converse, perform dangerous tasks, and even have sex.
SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk got into a spat recently on Twitter with Face-
-book's Mark Zuckerberg over the dangers of AI. Musk urged a group of gover-
-nors to proactively regulate AI, which he views as a 'fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization', Musk said. Zuckerberg said fearmongering about AI is 'irresponsible.'
The two divergent views on AI reflect the existential questions humans face about
their uniqueness in the universe. Even the appearance of humanlike robots causes
many people discomfort. According to researchers, this discomfort stems from
some existential questions about the nature of humanity. What's more, the idea
that robots may have a consciousness and become almost indistinguishable from
humans disturbs some.
The human sense of self also is grounded in biology. Identity in being unique is a
necessary ingredient for us to move forward in the world and adapt to the world.
Although robots cannot produce or even show emotions, humans involuntarily
imagine that robots can experience emotions or pain. While AI may benefit human
lives in many ways, setting limits for robots and drawing the line between humans
and machines has increasingly become relevant in government meetings. In the
future, governments may have to clearly define robot rights.
The fact that we feel empathy with inanimate objects makes us prone to some types of manipulation so we should think about where we want humanlike robots
and where we don't want them. Still, AI can be used for the good of humanity. If
AI gains a humanlike intelligence, robots may even be able to practice religion.
If they are truly autonomous and significantly more intelligent than we are cur-
-rently, it makes us want to advocate for the good of humanity and the Earth and
Houston Chronicle//Religion News Service 8-27-2017 byline: Rosalie Chan
More: One of the most important things to know about robots: Humans Make
Them. And the humans who make the best robots make a lot of money. We hear
a lot about losing jobs to robots, but we have been through tech revolutions before.
More than half of Americans worked in agriculture before the Industrial Revolu-
-tion, while today less than half of Americans worked in agriculture before the
Industrial Revolution, while today less than 2% produce most of our food. Humans are tool makers, and eliminating manual, rote and thankless tasks is in our genes. 'Building machines is all I've ever done, and a robot is nothing more than a flexible machine,' said Dan Allford, president of ARC Specialties in Northwest Houston.
ARC Specialties has three Houston production facilities: 'American manufac-
-turing, designed, built and programmed in America to make other American companies more efficient to keep the work in America.' ARC started out making specially clad valves for oil wells and built machines to automate the manufac-
-turing. That led to designing more machines to perform difficult tasks. There is
a high demand for workers who know how to set up, program, maintain and troubleshoot robots.
ARC Specialties creates the machines that creates those jobs. The U.S. is leading the world in buying robots right now, spending $86 Billion in 2015, according to the latest figures collected by Redwood Software and the United Kingdom's Centre for Economics and Business Research, an independent forecasting firm. 'There is no doubt about it-robotics is now a significant contributor to economic growth,' said David Whitaker, the Centre's managing economist. 'Automation does not necessarily eliminate jobs,' Whitaker added.
While all of ARC's customers in the past were oil and gas companies, Allford is
is diversifying. 'There are a lot of fascinating problems to be solved here,' he
said. 'What we have found is that the same technologies that work with coatings
for the oil field work, also work for nuclear, the military and ground-engaging
wear.' Allford said he doesn't need government subsidies or trade protection, he welcomes foreign competition and only wants a level playing field. (Go Bots !)
Houston Chronicle 8-27-2017 byline: Chris Tomlinson
FEMA Supports Cutting Coverage:
Hurricane Harvey is visiting our Houston area as this is being written. You may
want to read this story: Brock Long, who was confirmed in June as the new administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), said taxpayers shouldn't be on the hook for homes that keep flooding, and the threshold for triggering federal public assistance after a disaster might be too low.
He also expressed support for an Obama administration idea to make local governments pay more when a hurricane or flood hits. Long said: 'I don't think the tax -payer should reward risk going forward. We have to find ways to compre- -hensively become more resilient.' Lawmakers face a deadline at the end of September to re-write the federal flood insurance program. Even without legis-
-lation, FEMA says it could shift the initial costs for disaster relief to local or state governments.
Making those changes has the support of environmentalists, who hope it will make
local leaders take climate change more seriously-passing stronger building codes,
moving flood-prone residents out of their homes or building stronger storm walls.
State and local governments cried foul after FEMA under Pres. Obama proposed
shifting onto them the initial costs of rebuilding roads, bridges or buildings after a
The most urgent challenge facing FEMA is the National Flood Insurance Program,
which will expire at the end of September unless Congress re-authorizes it. A series of severe storms have left the program $23 Billion in debt; Congress is de-
-bating how to reduce its costs to the federal government.
One option is limiting coverage for homes that flood over and over again. Long
said he supports keeping those homes out of the program altogether. There are a
handful of properties that create a large portion of that cost burden. The number
of homes affected by such a change could be enormous. There are more than
30,000 homes that FEMA classifies as 'severe repetitive loss,' according to figures
obtained by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Houston Chronicle//Bloomberg News 9-24-2017 byline: Christopher Flavelle
Storm-Stressed Pets:
Animals are much like humans in the sense that they feel and exhibit stress in
similar ways. If you have lost a pet during Harvey, contact your local animal-
control agency and check local shelters, such as HSPCA and BARC, every day.
Do not approach stray animals unless you feel safe. Displaced, frightened and
potentially contaminated pets need to be handled by an animal control agency.
Please Help: shelters of all sizes need volunteers, food, supplies and foster
homes. Check with your local shelter to see what it needs most. Feed and walk
them at the same time every day, it will make their recovery faster.
When an animal is stressed, it may show a decrease in appetite, digestive issues, lethargy, and aggression. Heat also poses a threat to pets who might have to be outside. Panting and insides of ears turning red may indicate heat issues. A cool towel for them to lie on helps lower their body temp. Give water and access to shade. Houston Chronicle 9-10-2017 byline: Abby Trout
Honda Civic Type R 2017:
Restricted No More. Honda performance fans have long coveted the high-performance Civic Type R. Type R diehards: your patience has been rewarded. The U.S. now gets the same 2017 Civic Type R the world enjoys. Drag-limited to
170 mph-is now on sale. (Comes only in the five-door hatchback.)
Price: $39,900. 306 hp turbocharged direct-injection four cylinder. 22 mpg city,
28 on highway. R might as well stand for Red: red stitching, red seat panels,
red pinstripes and red-accented steering wheel.
Houston Chronicle 9-9-2017 byline: Jeff Yip
Find a Handyman:
If you are looking for a Handyman in your area to do repairs; ask a few friends &
neighbors in your area who they have used in the past and if they were happy with
the results. There are various lists on the internet. Check the Better Business Bu-
-reau for ratings on their services. Houston Chronicle Heloise Hints 9-12-2017
Check on your neighbors.
Some are alone, widowed, homebound by illness, or for any number of reasons. Ask if they need something, in terms of food, water or just a friendly voice.
Most likely they will resist, so do not insist.
At least give someone a call. Heloise Hints. Houston Chronicle
(Parenthesis notes : courtesy Betty Passini-Kite, editor.)

Until God Opens the Next Door for You-Praise Him in the Hallway.
How Should We Pray ?
Pray as you go, wherever you go. P. R.A.Y.
P: Praise-Thank Him for who He is, what He's done, and what He's promised
to do.
R: Repent-Admit the ways you have sinned against Him and commit to change.
A: Ask-Ask for His help, wisdom, and action in your life and the lives of others.
Y: Yield-Express your trust in Him and surrender to His plan for your life.
The Good News 11-2015

There are two excellent theories for arguing with a woman.
Neither one of them works. Will Rogers Just so you know.
When arguing with your wife, you can always get the last word: 'Yes, Dear.
You're right. I am sorry'.
Walt Canty, Kingwood

May Your Troubles be Less, May Your Blessings be More..
May Nothing but Happiness Come Through Your Door. Billy Graham

It is never too late to learn how to have fun on the dance floor.

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