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Late October Birthdays: Ex-actress Rev. Mother Dolores Hart(79),Viggo
Mortensen(59),John Krasinski(38),Jennifer N. Freeman(32),TV Judge Judy
Sheindlin(75),Benjamin Netanyahu(68),Kim Kardashian-West(37),Kane Brown
(24), Bobby Seale(81)Christopher Lloyd(79), Catherine Deneuve(74),Jeff Gold-
-blum(65),TobyMac(53),Carlos Mencia(50)Spike Jonze(48),Zac Hanson(32),
Jonathan Lipnicki(27),Philip Kaufman(81),Ang Lee(63),Dwight Yoakam(61),
Bob Knight(77),Helen Reddy(76),Anne Tyler(76), James Carville(73),Samantha
Bee(48),Adam Goldberg(47),Midori(46),Katy Perry(33),Ciara(32),Krista Marie -
-Yu(29),Conchita Campbell(22),Sam Raimi(58),Weird Al Yankovic(58), Ryan Reynolds(41),Emilia Clarke(31),Bill Wyman)81),Kevin Kline(70),Drake (31), Eliza Taylor(28),Ashton Sanders(22),Jaclyn Smith(72),Pat Sajak(71),Hillary Clinton(70),Dylan McDermott(56),Keith Urban(50),Seth MacFarlane(44), Nannette Fabray(97),John Cleese(78),Ivan Reitman(71),Fran Lebowitz(67),Simon Le Bon(59),Caitlyn Jenner(68),Bill Gates(62),Julia Roberts(50),Brad Paisley(45),
Frank Ocean(30),Richard Dreyfus(70),Kate Jackson(69),Tom Wilson(60),Randy
Jackson(56),Winona Ryder(46),Gabrielle Union(45),Milena Govich(41), Jon
Abrahams(40),Brendan Fehr(40), Ben Foster(37),Chris Baio(33), Grace Slick
(78),Andrea Mitchell(71),Harry Hamlin(66),Ivanka Trump(36),Jane Pauley(67), Peter Jackson(56), Vanilla Ice(50).

November Birthdays: Anthony Barnes, Aleksa Banki , Joyce Buckner, John Kite, Michelle Kite, Kim Passini, Lyle Lovett, Dan Rather (86),Vivian Howser, Donna Christiansen, K.D. Lang, Larry Flynt(75),Kinky Friedman(73),Lyle
Lovett(60),Tim Cook(57),Max Burkholder(20),
Happy Birthday: Let's Eat Cake and Celebrate !
People Who Have Birthdays Live Longer !
Do Not Regret Growing Older; It is a Privilege Denied to Many. Rejoice !
November Birthstone
: Topaz Flower: Chrysanthemum
November Holidays: 7: Election Day. VOTE! 11: Veterans Day. Honor all who
have served and are still serving. 23: Thanksgiving Day. Give Thanks !
What to buy in November: Baby products. Bikes. Camcorders. Gas grills.
GPS Navigators. Toys. TVs.
November Checklist: Get Your Flu Shot: early in the day before noon if possible.
Don't miss Health Insurance deadlines: Nov. 1-Dec. 15. Current enrollees: auto-
-matically renewed unless they choose to change plans. Medicare open enroll-
-ment is: Oct. 15-Dec. 7. Give others a second-chance at life. November is
National Marrow Awareness Month. Consider donating bone marrow or stem cells
Join the registry: BeTheMatch.org . Turkey cooks: fresh turkeys should be bought
no earlier than two days before use. Don't wash the turkey: it spreads germs. Cook until the bird reaches at least 165 degrees in the thickest part of the breast and the innermost parts of the thigh and wing. Bon Appetit !
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that's why they
call it the present. Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)
Life is Not About
Waiting for the Storm to Pass: It's About Learning to
Dance in the Rain .
Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, But While We're Here We
Should Dance.
One of the Best Feelings in the world is knowing that your presence and absence both mean something to someone.
A Joy shared is twice a Joy, and a Burden shared is half a burden.
Swedish Proverb
The greatest good that mortals know, and all of Heaven we have below. John Addison
In Memoriam:
Fats Domino 1928-2017
New Orleans R&B singer/songwriter two-fisted boogie-woogie piano, one of the biggest stars of early rock and roll era died at his home in Harvey, Louisiana. He
was 89. ( His music lives on. Somewhere, Fats Domino is happy and making others happy. God Bless Him.)