As a Nation , in the U.S. we spend $137 Billion a year on fast food and $60 Billion a year on Weight Loss Solutions. Go Figure !

Health is Real Wealth- Not Pieces of Gold and Silver.
The First time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it. Joan Rivers 1933-2014
Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. Erma Bombeck
The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.
Your tongue
is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one
end. (Some people talk too much: that person's tongue is loose at both ends.)

You're Never Too Old To Learn Something Stupid. Duh!

The Groundwork for all Happiness is Health.
James Leigh Hunt, English poet and writer. 1784-1859

Put Your Worries to Bed:
'A Ruffled Mind Makes a Restless Pillow'. Victorian novelist: Charlotte Bronte.
When I Was a Kid, I Wanted to Be Older…This is Not What I Expected…
Getting Older is Not for Sissies !

Certain pacemakers are vulnerable to hacking, warns Jagmeet Singh, MD, PhD.
Six pacemakers sold under the St. Jude Medical brand have been recalled because
hackers may be able to run down the battery or alter the patient's heartbeat. No
patient is known to have been harmed yet.
Ask your cardiologist whether your device is at risk. Upgrades take only a few minutes and do not require pacemaker removal.
BottomLinePersonal 11-1-2017 byline: Jagmeet Singh, MD, PhD professor of medicine Harvard Medical School and associate chief of cardiology at Mass. General Hospital, both in Boston.

Lower Blood Pressure:
There is increasing research showing that capsaicin improves endothelial function
a fancy of saying it increases blood vessel flexibility. (Open Heart, June 17, 2015).
That can lower blood pressure. IN addition, its action on a transient receptor potential channel, TRPV1, reduces inflammation in the lining of the blood vessels
(Atherosclerosis, May 2017).
If you don't enjoy the taste of hot chili peppers, hot sauce, salsa, you might want to
take cayenne pepper pills.
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New York, NY 10019 . 10-23-2017
Apologies, Mea Culpas:
Researchers who published a study in Frontiers in Psychology found that apologies
are Not the Most effective way to ease someone's damaged feelings when you have turned down or rejected them. Researchers conducted a series of experiments
with around 1,000 people. People shown rejection letters found the ones contain-
-ing apologies to be more hurtful.
So next time you have to reject (or like the airlines, eject) someone romantically,
professionally or socially, simply explain your reasoning, be friendly and polite.
But: Don't say, 'I'm sorry.' That will just make the rejection sting more and put
you in the hot seat.
Important: When you are in the wrong and need to make sincere amends, it is
important to say, 'I'm sorry.' Don't ask for forgiveness-that is not up to you.
The YOU DOCs: Michael Roizen, MD & Mehmet Oz, MD. 10-23-2017

Embarrassing Health Problems: 1 of 4
Passing gas is a natural part of digestion, and the average person does it anywhere
from 6 to 21 times a day. (Who has been counting ? Don't you have something
more pleasant to do ?) But passing it excessively is uncomfortable and embarrass-
-ing. Most excessive passing of gas is caused by dysbiosis-an imbalance in in-
-testinal bacteria, with 'bad' bacteria such as Clostridium difficile outnumbering
'friendly' bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus.
Take a daily probiotic, a supplement containing friendly bacteria. Researchers
the Mayo Clinic and other institutions analyzed the results of six studies on pro-
-biotics involving more than 560 people-and found that the supplement signifi-
-cantly improved flatulence.
Also: If you are about to be in a social situation where gas is a no-no, take a pre-
-ventive dose of activated charcoal, which works by binding with toxins (includ-
-ing unhealthful bacteria) and ushering them out of the body. (Isn't that gas ?)
Follow directions on the label.
Anal Itching: 2 of 4
There are many possible causes of anal itching including diarrhea, incontinence,
psoriasis, genital warts or a yeast infection. But one common cause is hemorr-
-hoids, the swollen and inflamed anal veins that affect half of Americans over age
50. (If you have pain and bleeding with the itching, a hemorrhoid is the likely
cause. But confirm the cause of anal itching with your doctor.)
To ease itching from hemorrhoids, one vein-strengthening food factor works par-
-ticularly well-hesperidin, a flavonoid (plant pigment) found in citrus fruits. A
study in British Journal of Surgery analyzed 14 other studies, involving more than
1,500 people found that consuming flavonoids cut the risk of itching from hemorr-
-hoids by 35%--and also significantly reduced bleeding and pain.
Look for a supplement containing diosmin, a specially processed form of hes-
-peridin. Take 500 mg twice daily. Diosmin is very safe, but a few people may ex-
-perience intestinal discomfort-if that happens, stop taking the supplement.
Other ways to help prevent and heal hemorrhoids include drinking more water,
(60 oz. a day is a good goal)…increasing your intake of fiber-rich foods such as
fruits, veggies and whole grains…and regular exercise, such as brisk walking.
Leaking After You Pee: 3 of 4
A few drop of urine leak out after you think you're done using the bathroom,
leaving a wet spot: this embarrassing scenario is called post-micturition dribble,
(I can't even pronounce it !) and it affects an estimated 12% of American men and
9% of American women. The cause usually is weakness and loss of tone in the
bulbocavernosus muscle, ( Didn't know I had such a muscle.) which squeezes to
force urine out. (Uh Huh !)
Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, the area between the genitals and the
pelvis, where the bulbocavernosus is located (It hides there ?) You might be
familiar with Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic wall-but most people do
them wrong. Here is how to do them right…(
Well, I am a Do-Right Woman !)
First, locate the muscles of your pelvic floor by slowing or stopping the stream of
urine the next time you go to the bathroom. When you are doing Kegels correctly,
you will feel the same sensation you feel when stopping your flow of urine-a
pulling sensation in your rectum or (for women) a lifting sensation in your vagina.
Several times a day-standing, sitting or lying down-squeeze the muscles and
hold the contraction for 10 seconds. Breathe normally, and check to see that your
abdomen is relaxed. (Holding your breath or squeezing the muscles in your abdo-
-men or buttocks-neither of which isolates the muscles of your pelvic floor-
are common errors.)
Do 45 Kegels a day-15 Kegels in a row, three times a day. You can do them during other activities, such as taking a shower, brushing your teeth or eating.
Bad Breath: 4 of 4
Sulfur-generating bacteria in the mouth cause most cases of bad breath. And those
bacteria usually are on your tongue. Use a tongue-scraper. A study in Journal of
Periodontology showed that tongue scraped reduced 'volatile sulfur compounds' by 75%, while cleaning with a toothbrush reduced them by 45%.
Buy a tongue scraper, available for less than $10 online and in drugstores. Your
goal is to remove the creamy-looking white, brown or orange layer of gun on your
tongue with the scraper. Gently but firmly scrape both the top and sides of your
tongue (but Not the underside) from back to front.
Start scraping as far back on the tongue as you can without gagging. If the gunk is
not completely gone, go over the same area until it is removed. After you are done,
rinse the scraper. In a scientific study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentis-
-try, chewing gum with cinnamon essential oils reduced sulfur compounds in the
mouth by more than 50%.
Scientists tested 10 essential oils and found that cinnamon oil was the most effective in reducing sulfur in the mouth. Try: Cinnamon-flavored, sugarless Spry gum, which contains bacteria-reducing xylitol. Chew it after every meal.
BottomLinePersonal 11-1-2017 byline: Bill Gottlieb, CHC. Health coach certi-
-fied by the American Assn of Drugless Practitioners and former editor in chief of
Rodale Books and Prevention Magazine Health Books. Author of 16 health books
including Speed Healing, recently published by Bottom Line Inc. Find more of
Gottlieb's health advice at the Bottom Line YouTube channel
Seasonal Allergies:
Cromolyn sodium (NasalCrom) is different from the usual nasal sprays because it
is neither a decongestant nor an antihistamine. Instead, it prevents mast cells in the
nasal passages from releasing histamine. As a result, you don't suffer the conse-
-quences of histamine and don't need an antihistamine.
Because one of the effects of histamine is congestion, you also don't need a decon-
-gestant. The biggest disadvantage to NasalCrom is that you need to use it preven-
-tively, before your symptoms start. To be effective, it must be applied three or
four times a day. If you think you can manage that, we think it is an excellent
solution to seasonal allergies.
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A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot.