As a Nation , in the U.S. we spend $137 Billion a year on fast food and $60 Billion a year on Weight Loss Solutions. Go Figure !

Health is Real Wealth- Not Pieces of Gold and Silver.
The First time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it. Joan Rivers 1933-2014
Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. Erma Bombeck

The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.
Your tongue
is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one
end. (Some people talk too much: that person's tongue is loose at both ends.)

You're Never Too Old To Learn Something Stupid. Duh!
The Groundwork for all Happiness is Health.
James Leigh Hunt, English poet and writer. 1784-1859

Put Your Worries to Bed:
'A Ruffled Mind Makes a Restless Pillow'. Victorian novelist: Charlotte Bronte.

When I Was a Kid, I Wanted to Be Older…This is Not What I Expected…
Getting Older is Not for Sissies !

Salt: The Salt: Who's Got the Salt ?
Searching for the lost shaker of salt… Jimmy Buffet song: Margaritaville….
Besides flavoring food, salt has a variety of uses. Sprinkle salt where grass/weeds
grow unwanted…driveway seams, between stepping stones, then pour hot water
over the salt. Eco-friendly and inexpensive solution.
Fleas in your carpet ? Sprinkle salt on your carpet and leave it overnight. Vacuum thoroughly in the morning. (Dispose of bag & put a new bag in.)Wash your dog bedding in saltwater. Ants a problem? Sprinkle salt in doorways, on windowsills and other places where they might be coming in. If you find an ant mound, ring the opening with salt. Bee sting ? Wet the area and pour salt on it. Thank You, Heloise ! Houston Chronicle Heloise Hints 7-19-2017
Swimmer Warning: Dangerous Parasite.
That crystal-clear pool water could be harboring Crytosporidium, a parasite that can cause up to three weeks of diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting.
Reports of widespread outbreaks of infection by the parasite, known as crypto
for short, have doubles in just two years in the U.S., and thousands of Americans
are infected annually. Nearly 2,000 people were infected last year in Ohio alone.
Crypto is now the most common cause of diarrhea outbreaks linked to pools and
water playgrounds in the U.S. and it can be life-threatening for people with weak-
-ened immune systems. This parasite usually is spread through swallowing con-
-taminated at pools and water playgrounds. Unlike most pathogens, it can survive
up to 10 days in properly chlorinated water.
Advanced water-treatment systems such as those using ultraviolet light or ozone
do a better job of killing crypto. Public swimming pools and water playgrounds
are especially vulnerable to causing large-scale outbreaks because of the large
numbers of people who use them, but crypto also can be contracted in private pools
and hot tubs and in natural bodies of water.
One way to reduce the odds of ingestion is to keep your face out of the water as
much as possible. The parasite is transmitted into pool water from infected indivi-
-duals via contaminated feces. DO NOT go swimming if you have been experi-
-encing diarrhea , and don't allow children to do so either. (This includes children
in diapers-if a child has diarrhea, even the 'swim diapers' designed for use in pools will not provide adequate protection for the water.)
If your diarrhea is a result of crypto, do not go swimming until you have been diarrhea-free for two weeks; so you will not contaminate the water and those swimming in it.
BottomLinePersonal 8-1-2017 byline: Michele Hlavsa, RN, MPH Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention; Chief of the CDC's Healthy Swimming Program.
Create Antibiotics: A New Way.
A new method to create antibiotics may help fight drug-resistant bacteria. The
method extracts compounds from bacteria that live in soil. It already has produced
one substance that cured severe infections in mice. (SOM ! Save Our Mice !)
Source: Study led by researchers at Anti-microbial Discovery Ctr. Northeastern U.
Boston, reported in Nature. BottomLinePersonal 7-15-2017
Ice Cream: Healthy ?
Light Ice Cream has either at least 50% less fat or 33% fewer cals than a com-
-pany's regular brand (or a competitor's). Significant savings in cals and fat.
Regular ice cream sometimes contains thickeners and gums such as carob bean,
guar, and xanthan gums. But light ice almost always does, because the additives
give them a richer texture. (Some thickeners can cause digestive upset.)
These products also usually have about the same amount of sugars as regular ver-
-sions. And light premium ice cream can have almost as many cals as another
brand's standard ice cream. (Read labels carefully.) They are lower-sugar light
ice creams made with water and whey protein. Some have no more protein than
regular ice cream.
As for fiber, it's added in the form of chicory root, guar fiber, or 'prebiotic' fiber.
It is not clear whether added fiber has the same health benefits as fiber found
naturally in foods, says Amy Keating, R.D. a CR dietitian.
Vegan 'ice creams' are frozen desserts made from almond, coconut, soy, or other plant milks, and sometimes pea protein. Being dairy-free makes the desserts a benefit to people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Many of the new plant-based frozen treats are not necessarily lower in cals or total fat than ice cream.
But since their fat comes from plants, they often are higher in the 'healthier un-
-saturated fat.' The ones made with coconut have saturated-fat levels similar to
ice cream. And they ALL contain gums and other additives.
Three Frozen Treats to Try : recommended by Consumer Report's food-testing
team; these alternatives are a good bet. Nutrition info is for a half-cup.
Light: Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Classic Vanilla:
100 cal. Fat: gr. 3. Sugars: 13 gr. Protein: 3 gr. Slightly custardy, but gummy.
Low-Calorie Halo Top Vanilla:
Cals 60. Fat:2 gr. Sugars: 4 gr. Protein: 5 gr. Hints of dairy flavor, vanilla bean.
Ben & Jerry's Vegan: PB & Cookies Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert:
Cals 290. Fat: 17 gr. Sugars: 22 gr. Protein: 4 gr. Big Roasted Peanut flavor.
Consumer Reports 8-2017
TEN Super Foods:
: Steam until tender. Sprinkle w/parmesan cheese. Loaded with vit. C, K, carotenoids, folate.
Butternut Squash: Steam a sliced squash or purchase peeled, diced and ready for
the oven, stir-fry or soup. Vit: A, C, and fiber.
Garbanzo Beans: Versatile, add to tossed salad, vegetable stew, curries, soup.
Rich in protein, fiber, copper, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc. All beans
are healthy; garbanzo beans are a versatile standout.
Leafy Greens: powerhouse greens like kale, collards, spinach, mustard greens &
Swiss chard are loaded with vit. A,C, K, folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium,
iron, fiber. Saute` in a bit of olive oil w/minced garlic, season w/black pepper &
red wine vinegar.
Mangoes: About a cup supplies 100% of a day's vit. C, one-third of a day's vit.
A, a decent dose of blood-pressure-lowering potassium, 3 grams of fiber; plus it
is one of the fruits least likely to have pesticide residues.
Oatmeal: Quick, old-fashioned, or steel cut, oatmeal makes a hearty whole-grain breakfast. Each ½ cup (dry) of plain rolled oats has 4 gr. fiber, and roughly half is the soluble kind that helps lower cholesterol. Top oatmeal with toasted almond
slivers and bananas instead of sugar or salt. Try diced apple with cinnamon, rai-
-ins, or diced pear w/walnuts and nutmeg.
Plain (0%) Greek yogurt: Fat-free unsweetened Greek yogurt has a pleasant tart-
-ness that is a perfect foil for the natural sweetness of berries, bananas, or your fave
whole-grain cereal. Thick and creamy; the lost liquid means that the yogurt has
twice the protein of ordinary yogurt, about 15 grams in 5 oz. of plain 0% yogurt-
(but less calcium).
Sweet Potatoes: Nutritional Superstars, loaded with carotenoids, good source of
potassium, fiber. Toss wedges with a bit of olive oil, roast until tender & lightly
browned. Sprinkle with cinnamon or chili powder.
Watermelon: A heavyweight in nutrients; a standard serving (about 2 cups) has one-third of a day's vit. A, C, a nice shot of potassium, healthy dose of lycopene
for only 90 fat-free, salt-free cals. Locally grown, they may have a smaller carbon
footprint than some other fruits.
Wild Salmon: Fatty fish like salmon, rich in omega-3 fats, may help reduce risk of
heart attacks and strokes. Wild-caught is more sustainable than farmed salmon.
Nutrition Action Newsletter. Nonprofit Center for Science, 1220 L. Street, N.W., Ste. 300, Wash. D.C. 20005
Now Hear This: Hearing Aids--An Affordable Option ?
Statistics show that 86% of people who would benefit from hearing aids do not get
them. Main deterrent is cost: average price for a pair of hearing aids is almost
$5,000, a big purchase for most people-especially since they are not covered by
Medicare or most private insurers. OTC hearing devices, on the other hand are ex-
-pected to be much more affordable than traditional hearing aids.
The FDA is being urged to create a new category of 'over the counter (OTC) hear-
-ing devices' for adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. The recommendation
comes from a recent report released by a committee convened by the National
Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an independent, non-partisan,
body of experts who advise the federal government on matters related to science,
technology and health policy.
OTC hearing devices are expected to be much more affordable than traditional
hearing aids. They will likely come in a range of prices but will probably be closer
to several hundred dollars per pair…not several thousand. There will also be easier
access to the OTC devices (in drugstores and online, for example).
An important distinction: OTC hearing devices are not to be confused with PSAPs personal sound amplification products, also OTC products, which are approved by
the FDA for people with normal hearing who may need sound amplification in
certain situations. PSAPs are commonly used, for example, by bird-watchers and
hunters to hear animal calls. The FDA prohibits these devices from claiming to
actually improve hearing.
Hearing aids are not just expensive. They also require going to an audiologist or a
hearing aid dispenser to get advice on the right model for you, fittings and instruct-
-tions on their use. It typically takes one to two visits until a new hearing aid user
is tested, fitted and fully set to go.
OTC devices are expected to be easier to access; hastening this process could reap
real health benefits, since research shows that untreated hearing loss-even if mild-is socially isolating and is linked to increased risk for serious conditions
such as depression and dementia.
A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial published in the
American Journal of Audiology; researchers analyzed data from 154 adults ages
55 to 79 with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. One group received pre-programmed
hearing aids with the help of an audiologist, while the other group followed an
OTC-style process by choosing a similar high-end set without a professional fitting
and instructions.
Both groups reported that the devices had similar levels of effectiveness, as measured by self-report surveys of hearing aid benefits. It is important to note that no standard definition or design has yet been established when it comes to OTC hearing devices.
Important: Medical clearance is Not required or recommended for OTC hearing
devices. In fact, the FDA recently removed this requirement for adults with mild-
to-moderate hearing loss who are purchasing hearing aids because the evidence
does not support a need to consult a doctor first.
Bottom Line Health 8-2017 byline: Larry Humes, PhD, Indiana U.
Cold Sores During Summertime:
Those painful blisters can crop up on lips and skin around the mouth in any season.
Hot and cold temps and the sun's rays increase their likelihood, as do stress, fever,
chapped lips, reduced immunity, and physical trauma such as surgery.
Protection: ear sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen, keep lips moisturized. Taking a prescription antiviral like acyclovir (Zovirax and generic), famciclovir
(Famvir and generic), or valacyclovir (Valtrex and generic at the first sign of a cold
sore (such as burning or tingling sensation) can speed healing. Prescription anti-
-viral ointments and over-the-counter cold-sore creams are less effective.
Consumer Reports on Health 8-2017
More: Sunscreens.
Each year, Consumer Reports tests sunscreens and finds many fail to live up to
their advertised sun protection factor (SPF). This year, 20 of 58 products tested
at less than half the SPF on their label.
Here, two lotion-style sunscreens that ranked the highest, (we also test sprays and sticks), these two tested at almost 100% of labeled SPF. One is pricey and one is
a bargain, showing you don't necessarily have to spend a lot for quality protection.
La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt in Sunscreen Milk SPF 60. $36. Score: 100
Equate Sport Lotion (WalMart) SPF 50. $5. Score: 99. (WOW !)
Who's Keeping You Awake ?
A recent study that looked at the ways in which people coped with their bed part-
-ners' insomnia. What researchers found: in a study, nearly three-quarters of bed
partners encouraged their exhausted love ones to go to bed early or to sleep late.
That is the opposite of what experts advise for insomnia. More than 40% encouraged their partners to read or watch TV in bed, and 35% suggested daytime
naps along with more caffeine (and other no-nos). Meanwhile, this would-be
supportive behavior was linked to increased anxiety in the normal sleepers.
Nearly two thirds of the normal sleepers changed their own sleep habits…and 52%
altered their leisure activities. Insomnia sufferers are encouraged to seek cognitive
behavioral therapy; the gold-standard treatment-and it might be more effective if
both partners attend the sessions.
With partner-assisted intervention, you will learn which approaches are recom-
-mended along with those to avoid.
BottomLineHealth 8-1-2017 byline: Rebecca Shannonhouse, editor .
Snake Venom:
A protein in pit viper venom inhibits clotting without causing excessive bleeding.
Snake venom often kills by blocking the ability of blood to clot. Paradoxically, this could lead to a safer anti-clotting drug.
Source: Kaunas U. of Technology//Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis & Vascular Biology// BottomLineHealth 8-1-2017
Feet First:
Foot problems can hike the risk of falls and infections; are usually preventable
and treatable. When your feet hurt, the simple act of walking can become an ordeal. This kind of discomfort usually comes with age. One in five older adults has foot pain regularly. Corns and calluses (hard, thick patches of skin caused by rubbing) are the most frequent factors for foot pain, according to a 2016study. Close runnerup is nail conditions such as ingrown toenails and fungal infections.
Prevent them with footwear that fits without pinching or rubbing, and Don't Go
Sockless. To avoid fungus, Always wear footwear in public places (such as locker
rooms). If you have discoloration or thickening of your nails, a podiatrist can con-
-firm a fungal infection and prescribe medication. Cutting toenails straight across and filing them at the sides helps prevent ingrown nails, says Jane Andersen, D.P. M., a podiatrist in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Bone deformities in older adults, such as bunions and hammertoes (when one or more smaller toes is bent at the middle) often cause pain. Toe arthritis can also
cause foot pain., says Sandra Klein, M.D. an associate professor of orthopedic sur-
-gery at Washington U. in St. Louis. To prevent or ease pain caused by bunions and hammertoes, choose shoes with a round, deep toe box. (In severe cases, some
choose surgery.) For arthritis, especially of the toes, footwear with a stiffer sole
helps reduce pain by keeping foot joints from having to bend so much, Klein says.
If your feet are bothering you, see your primary care provider, says Marvin M. Lip--man, M.D., Consumer Reports' chief medical adviser. If you have diabetes, check your feet daily for cuts and blisters; talk with a doctor or podiatrist about care. Consumer Reports on Health 8-2017

A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot.