Highways & Byways: See & Be Scene ::: Seen & Herd in Texas.

Weather Forecast: God reigns & The Son shines.

Stop, Drop & Roll Won't Work in Hell. (Hell is: Sometimes Outta Town.)
Get Your Kicks on Route 66…hard to do now, the legendary Route 66, which
originally stretched from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, was de-certified
on this date: June 27, 1985.
I am lost-I have gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back,
Please ask me to wait. (Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.)
When I Let My Mind Wander, it Doesn't Come Back. Stephen Mendonca

Stark Museum of Art, 409-886-2787, 712 Green Ave. Orange, TX. 77630. Stark Foundation.
Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center, 409-670-9113, 2111 Park Ave., Orange, TX 77630.
Lutcher Theatre, 409-886-5535, 707 Main Ave. Orange, TX . 77630.
Lutcher Theatre for the Performing Arts 409-886-5535, 707 Main Ave. Orange, TX . 77630. It is the largest performing arts series from Houston to Jacksonville, Fla. with annual attendance of approx. 30,000 adults and children. Parking is available at no charge directly adjacent to and surrounding the theatre.
Frances Ann Lutcher Theatre for Performing Arts is a 1,450-seat facility owned by the Nelda C. & H.J. Lutcher Theatre, 409-886-5535.
Orange, TX is located approx.. 110 miles to the east of Houston.

Red & White Gallery, 713-818-9766, 102 W. Main, Fayetteville, TX.

Red & White Gallery Blackbird Farm Lodging

Nacogdoches, TX: The Garden Capital of Texas and oldest town in Texas.
888-564-7351. .
Alabama-Coushatta Naskila Gaming, 15 minutes East of Livingston, Hwy. 190.
540 State Park Road 56, Livingston, Texas 77351. 936-563-2946
Gaming action: 24 hour. One hour from Houston, Jackpots Y'All !
Celebrating One Year Anniversary.

Kathy Kupper, public affairs specialist at the National Park Service,
Wash. D.C.

Attention Cruise Travelers:
Having served as chaplain on many cruises, here are four hints recommended:
Get to the port city one day ahead of time to avoid travel delays.
Buy the cruise lines' air package. If there is a problem with a delay at the end of
the cruise, the cruise line will help re-arrange flights home.
If you want to avoid the expense of excursions, go to one of the taxis lined up at
the port; ask what the fee would be for two hours to see the Best Things in that
port city.
Don't complain ! Some people have one foot on the ship and still have one foot on
the gangplank, and they are already starting to complain. Sit back, relax and cruise. Houston Chronicle Heloise Hints 7-20-17 byline: J.K.C. in Nebraska

Hints From An Airline Employee: Please Read and Heed.
To avoid hassles on your flight: Please follow instructions issued by the crew.
If you are told to turn off your cellphone or buckle your seat belt: Do It.
Please keep your shoes on your feet. In case of emergency, you may need to
evacuate quickly.
Do not be disruptive. Yelling, fighting or causing a disturbance will not be
tolerated. This includes children who will not stay in their seats.
Do not wear provocative clothing. If in doubt: Cover Up. (Good Advice !)
Heloise/Houston Chronicle 6-2017
Protect Against Lost Luggage:
Arrive Extra-Early at the airport with a well-labeled bag. Watch the gate agent
tag it. Make the bag distinctive with decorations that set it apart from similar lug-
-gage. Choose airlines with good reputations for luggage handling; such as Jet-
-Blue, Virgin America and Delta, instead of regional airlines such as Skywest and
ExpressJet, which tend to lose more luggage. Source: USA Today.
Save On Airline Baggage Fees:
Pack everything you are taking in a carry-on bag. Wear bulky clothes on the plane
to free up bag space. Consider upgrading to a higher travel class or roomier seat-
sometimes that will cost less than the cost of checking luggage and typically waives the checked bag fee. Buy Ultra-lightweight luggage to reduce the chance
of overweight baggage fees.
Source: BottomLinePersonal 9-1-2017
Pack It: By Heloise.
When packing soft-knit items such as t-shirts, place them face down, fold arms back, smooth out ripples and roll. Saves space. Use see-thru bags from cleaner
to individually cover clothes in a garment bag; keeps wrinkling to a minimum.
Carry-on Bag: Make-up, Meds, a change of clothes and shoes. Emergency food:
trail mix, protein bar, etc. A light-weight shawl or small blanket for use on plane.
And finally, work, files and a paperback book in case you may not be allowed to
use electronics !
(Road Warrior Heloise has over 2.5 Million air miles, sharing
her Hints.) Houston Chronicle 8-25-2017
Antique Shows: Washington County.
Sept. 18-Oct. 8 Carmine, Round Top, Warrenton: Just Show Up.
Scarecrow Festival:
Oct. 14-15 Chappell Hill, TX. Annual Fun Family Event. Public Invited to the
Pumpkin Patch with the Scarecrows.
Brenham// Washington County Events.
Unity Theatre: 979-830-8358, Brenham, TX.
Now-Oct. 15 A Grand Night for Singing: Music by Richard Rogers & Hammerstein.
Nov. 2-12 The Syringo Tree.
Nov. 29-Dec. 3 The Best Christmas Pageant-Ever !
First Sundays: Fundays ! Historic Downtown Brenham.
Live music, Shopping, Arts, Food, Drinks & Specials in Downtown Brenham !
Opry Show in Brenham:
Silver Wings Ballroom, 979-451-0816, 4100 Hwy. 105, Brenham, Texas.
Bluebonnet Opry House Band: Duane Wavra, Craig Schmidt, Doug Boggs,
Harris Kubos, Sr. Terry Barnett, John Dujka, John Amelang. Doors open:
5:30 p
. Show: 7:30 p. Tix: $5. Opry every 3rd Thurs. Funds: Donated to Hospice.
Public Welcome !
Downtown Art Gallery: Come see us.
Bed & Breakfast: Puddin' on the Ritz.
Lillian Farm Bed & Breakfast: Private cottages & country serenity.
Texas Seafood and Steaks.
Guadalajara Mexican Food Restaurant: Lunch Buffet.
Brenham: Downtown. Unity Theatre.
Shop: JR's Antiques: 1 block from Courthouse.
Stay: Brazos Bed and Breakfast-2 miles from Washington on the Brazos.
Eat: BT Longhorn Steakhouse & Seafood, Downtown Brenham. Y'all Come !
Bluebird Boutique flew off the Square and is now nesting in a larger, new location: 202 W. Alamo. Come By and Buy !
Hello: Cupcake !
Bliss Candy Co. is now making fresh cupcakes daily. Which is your fave?
Back Lot Gallery: featuring local artists. Great selection of pottery, art, paintings, sculpture, jewelry. Weekends Only.
More News & Info: Brenham-Washington Co. Chamber of Commerce-CVB
115 W. Main, 888-273-6426/////979-836-3696.
Bandera, TX: Cowboy Capital of the World.
Freddy Fender:
Texas Tornados Band: original members: Flaco Jimenez, famed accordionist &
Texas treasure , & San Antonio native, Augie Meyers, Doug Sahm and Freddy
Fender. Flaco and Augie are still members. The other two are deceased.
Swiss Alp Dance Club :
KC Hall Schulenberg, James Freytag 361-596-4357, dance to music by Donnie
Wavra Orchestra. 3-6 p. Cover: $10. Guests Welcome.
Dances each Sunday in Feb/Apr/May/Aug/Oct/Dec.
Drinking Wine, Spoodie Oodie, Drinking Wine………….
Pirates of the High Seas Fest:
Oct. 6-8 Columbus Day Weekend: Fun-filled affair, including a geocaching ad-
-venture, pirate invasions, parades, fun for entire family ! .
Austin City Limits Festival:
Oct. 6-8 and Oct. 13-15 Austin City Limits performers will perform across 8
stages include the following: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper, the
Killers, Gorillaz and Martin Garrix. Jay Z will be a headliner.
Save the Date: Chili Pepper Festival in Cancun:
Oct. 22-28, 2017 Riviera Maya, Cancun: One of a kind culinary extravaganza !
Combining 5 nights at El Dorado Royal Spa & Resorts by Karisma. Get Away
Travel featuring 5 world--class chefs to satisfy your spicier side of Mexican food
and entertainment. Yelba's Latin Band is scheduled for a return engagement !
Dance Hall Tour: Tix see below.
Thurs. Oct. 26 Galveston : Garden Verein presents: Ray Benson's Asleep at the
Wheel Band and Dale Watson.
Fri. Oct. 27 Sealy, TX: Peters Hacienda Community Hall presents: Amber Digby,
popular Texas classic country singer w/ a high lonesome touch, sweet tone, with
Austin-based band, The Derailers, old time honky-tonk with some rockabilly.
Sat. Oct. 28 Cold Spring, TX: C.S. Agriculture Society Hall presents: Favorite
native daughter & singer, Jamie Lin Wilson, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis.
Sun. Oct. 29 Bellville, TX: Bellville Turnverein presents: Ray Benson & Asleep
at the Wheel Band. .
Note: Individual each night tix now available; limited number will be sold. or 512-444-9885 xt.125. Don't wait to get yours!
OktoberFest: located on U.S. Hwy 82, 14 mi. west of I-35, approx.. 70 mi.
north of Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.
Oct. 28-29 Muenster, TX: Heritage Park Pavilion, 301 N. Ash St. Live music,
Stein Hoisting, 5 K and Half Marathon, Kids Area, Rides, Games, German Dan-
-cers, Weiner Dog Races, Arts, Crafts, German Food and Beer. Tix: $5.
CAF Hangar Dance: San Marcos.
Sat. Nov. 11 CAF Centex Wing Hangar in San Marcos inside the WWII Vintage
CAF Hangar. With the Sentimental Journey Orchestra bringing your favorites
from WWII for dancing/romancing. Details to follow. Info: 830-895-1535.
Save the Date: New Year's Celebration.
Sun. Dec. 31 New Year's Eve in San Marcos, TX: Dinner Dance with the
Sentimental Journey Orchestra @Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center.
Swing in the New Year with a Party ! Details to follow.

Pacific Ocean Tsunami Debris:
A magnitude 9 earthquake off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami on March
11, 2011, that swept boats, docks, buoys and other man-made materials into the
Pacific. The debris drifted east with an armada of living creatures. Nearly 300
species of fish, mussels and other sea critters hitchhiked across the Pacific Ocean
on the debris from the tsunami, washing ashore alive in the United States.
It is the largest and longest marine migration ever documented, outside experts
and the researchers said. Scientists and their colleagues combed the beaches of
Washington, Oregon, California, British Columbia, Alaska and Hawaii; and
tracked the species to their Japanese origins. Their arrival could be a problem if
the critters take root, pushing out native species.
'The diversity was somewhat jaw-dropping', said lead author James Carlton, a
marine sciences professor at Williams College, in Williamstown, Mass. Mollusks,
sea anemones, corals, crabs, a wide variety of species; really a cross-section of
Japanese fauna.
Co-author Gregory Ruiz, a Smithsonian marine ecologist, is especially interested
in a Japanese parasite in the gills of mussels. Elsewhere in the world, these para-
-sites have taken root and hurt oyster and mussel harvests and they had not been
seen before on the West Coast. Researchers noticed another huge factor in this
flotilla: plastics. Decades ago, most of the debris would have been wood and
would have degraded over the ocean trip.
'The plastic debris allowed new species to survive far longer than we ever thought
they would', said Carlton. Sea slugs were brought to Oregon by a Japanese derel-
-lict vessel; one of the Hundreds of Species that traveled Thousands of Miles on
debris to the U.S. shores after the 2011 tsunami.
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 9-29-2017 byline: Seth Borenstein
Arctic Melt:
The Arctic ice cap reached its eighth-lowest extent on record at the time of year
the sea ice is typically at its minimum coverage. Scientists at the U.S. National
Show and Ice Data Center said that the sea ice had set a record for the smallest
winter extent earlier this year and was on track to rival the record minimum set
in 2012.
But a cloudy and cooler-than-normal August across the central Arctic slowed the
seasonal melting. It is not going to be a staircase heading down to zero every year
said Ted Scambos of the NSIDC. But the Arctic will continue to evolve towards
less ice. There is No Dodging that.
EarthWeek 9-24-2017
C02 Evolution:
Plants have been observed changing the way they conduct photosynthesis over the
past 40 years as levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have steadily increased. Re-
-searchers led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography fund that land-based plants
have adjusted to higher levels of the greenhouse gas by increasing the efficiency
with which they use water.
With more C02 in the air, plants have evolved to have fewer or smaller micro-
-scopic holes that allow leaves to absorb the gas. The plants then don't need to
draw up as much water from their roots to flourish
. EarthWeek 9-24-2017
Lost Islands:
Rising ocean levels in the South Pacific have swallowed at least eight low-lying
island in the Solomon Islands and Micronesia, where sea levels have risen by about
half an inch each year since the early 1990s.
Australian researchers conducted coastal surveys, analyzed satellite data and spoke
with island residents before making the conclusion. They found six of the islands
went underwater between 2007 and 2014. EarthWeek 9-24-2017
(Whoa ! How low can you go …this is not a game-- Under the Limbo Stick…)
Hysteria in Puerto Rico:
A humanitarian crisis grew in Puerto Rico as towns were left without fresh water,
fuel, power or phone service following Hurricane Maria's devastating passage
across the island. Across the island, more than 15,000 people are in shelters.
Houston Chronicle//Associated Press 9-24-2017 byline: Danica Coto