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Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, 713-274-4166, 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd. one mile N. of FM 1960, Humble 77338.
Buchanan's Native Plants , 713-861-5702, 611 E.11th, Heights. 77008.

Arbor Gate Plant Nursery , 281-351-8851, 15635 FM 2920, Tomball.
Joshua's Native Plants & Garden Antiques. Houston Heights.
Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens , 281-443-8731, 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd. one mile N. of FM 1960, Humble 77338 .
Peckerwood Garden, 20559 FM 359, Hempstead, TX. .
Adam Black, director of horticulture at Peckerwood Garden.
The Woodpecker: with its unique head construction can bang away with its beak, like a jackhammer, searching for insects; but it does not injure its head. Wow !
Dog Park Etiquette 101.
James Hamm, president of the International Assn of Canine Professionals, shares
some pointers.
Min. Age: Pups under 4 months are more likely to contract infections.
Enter with Caution: Most of the congestion takes place around the entry fences.
Be patient and let other dogs disperse before entering.
Pick Up After Pups: Common courtesy calls for always cleaning up after your
dog. Most of the parks listed below provide bags, but pack your own just in case.
No treats allowed. Bringing treats or toys into the park area is a No-No.
American Beautyberry:
All over the South, America's most beautiful berry astounds those who come
across it in the wild. Callicarpa americana, those have found it have incorporated
it into their landscape. Beautyberry is native in 14 states; from Missouri to Ten-
-nessee, Virginia to Maryland, Texas to Florida. The shrub is nearly ubiquitous
to the eastern half of Texas. Its common name may be French Mulberry, but
America claims this beauty.
Beautyberry is an arching deciduous shrub that can reach 5 to 8 feet in height.
Many gardeners are surprised to learn that it is in the verbena family. The plant
is a pollinator magnet when in bloom. The intricately designed blooms tend to be
hidden by leaves; and quickly followed by hundreds of glistening berries. Rich
purple berries in clusters; and there are also pink and white varieties. The berries are eaten by more than 40 species of birds. Brown thrashers, American robins, Eastern towhees, Mockingbirds, to name a few.
Houston Chronicle//Tribune News Service 9-16-2017 byline: Norman Winter
Gardening Events//Workshops:
Sept. 23 Texas A&M AgriLife Exten. Service, 4102 Main, 281-534-3413, LaMarque, Bulb Mania with Houston Garden Club member Dodie Jackson.
9 a.-11 a. Free. Registration req. galvcountymgs@gmail.aggie-horticulutre.tamu .
Sat. Sept. 23 U. St. Thomas, 713-880-5540, 3812 Yoakum: Basic Organic Vege-
-table Gardening
sponsored by Urban Harvest. 9:30 a-11:30 a. $30.
Sat. Sept. 23 Texas A&M AgriLife Exten. Service, 4102 Main, 281-534-3413, LaMarque, Composting, Turn Dirt Into Soil & Soil Health Assessment with
Galveston County Master Gardener Jim Gilliam. 1-3 p. Register: .
Sun. Sept. 24 Urban Harvest, 713-880-5540, Sustainable Living Through Perma-
-culture 1. Sponsored by Urban Harvest 2-6 p. Cover: $7 (at a residential address
to be provided to attendees. $55. .
Tues. Sept. 26 Harris Co. Master Gardeners' Open Garden Day and Gardening With Children & Grandchildren Seminar. Harris Co. Master Gardener Green
Thumb Event. Texas A&M AgriLife Ext. Service, 3033 Bear Creek. Free. RSVP
Required to: 713-274-0950
Sat. Sept. 30 Texas A&M AgriLife Exten. Service, 4102 Main, 281-534-3413, LaMarque, Favorite Fall Vegetables (Cruciferous and Other Vegetables): with
Galveston Co. Master Gardener Gene Spiller. 1-3 p. Free. Registration Req.
email registration to: